Batteries are the most important part of any electronic device and in vaping that is no exception. You can have the best coil made and the nicest E-liquid in your tank but they mean nothing without a battery to power the device. Every vaping device needs a battery or two to power it and keep you vaping all day so it is very important to have the very best ones you can pick up. Batteries can come in all different shapes and sizes but the most commonly found are the 18650, the 20700 and the 27100. Each type of device you use will come customised to a particular type which makes it very important you know which one you need. If you require 2 batteries it is wise to keep them as a pair and not mix or match them with others.

Battery care is also very important and looking after your batteries is your number one priority when it comes to staying safe vaping. Any tears, dents or otherwise imperfections in your batteries should render them out of action and replaced as soon as possible. Here at the Manchester Vape Shop we only stock batteries that have been quality checked for both safety and performance. So why not pick up a set of batteries with your next vaping kit purchase?

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